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Fun 4th of July Activities for Kids

by Amanda Horner 22 Jun 2022 0 Comments

Many of us celebrate the 4th of July with a day full of picnics, barbecues, parades, and of course, fireworks. While those are certainly festive ways to celebrate America’s Independence Day, you may be looking for some new and different ways to celebrate 4th of July with your kids.

We’re sharing ideas for fun and patriotic 4th of July activities for kids that will keep your whole family entertained. From recipes to games to crafts, there is something for every age and interest. So go get your red, white and blue on and get ready to celebrate!

1. Have a Patriotic Sing-Along

There is nothing quite like music to set a festive mood for a party. An easy and fun 4th of July activity you can do with your kids is to have a patriotic sing-along at home.

Looking for a kid-friendly playlist? The Kiboomers July 4th Song Playlist is full of patriotic songs for children. These educational songs and rhymes are perfect for toddlers, featuring playful images and song lyrics that make learning fun. You’ll be singing and celebrating together all day long!

4th of july activities for kids - have a patriotic sing-along with this Kiboomers playlist


Hatched Tip: Dress the Part

Take your festive mood to the next level by wearing patriotic outfits for all your activities! From stars and stripes to red, white and blue, celebrate Independence Day in style with our 4th of July style picks:

Flag Heart Fringe Tank and Denim Shorts Set

The perfect patriotic tank and shorts set for your little one.

Girls patriotic outfit for 4th of July

Boys Printed Pima Shorts

Pair with a white tee for a comfy and cool look for the 4th.

boys printed pima shorts

2. Make Red, White & Blue Snacks

You can’t celebrate the 4th of the July without some fun and festive treats! There are so many easy red, white and blue themed snacks you can prepare with your kids to make your holiday extra special. But making these recipes is only half the fun; eating them is the sparkler on top! Here are some of our favorite easy and kid-friendly 4th of July snack ideas.

4th of July Fruit Kabobs

Recipe via allrecipes

Kids and parents will love this healthy 4th of July treat. Transform your favorite summer fruits into a fun sparkler using wooden skewers.

4th of july fruit kabobs

Patriotic Popcorn

Recipe via JaMonkey

Red and blue candy melts and sprinkles make this popcorn snack extra tasty and festive. Perfect for munching on while watching fireworks.

patriotic popcorn - 4th of july snacks for kids

Red, White and Blue Rice Krispies Treats

Recipe via Lil’ Luna

Rice Krispies treats are always a hit. Simply add a little red and blue food coloring to turn this everyday snack into a special 4th of July treat.

 red, white and blue rice krispie treats - 4th of july snacks for kids

 Hatched Tip: Keep Cute Clothes Clean

When it’s time for your little one to enjoy their red, white and blue snacks, you’ll want to keep their cute outfit clean. We love The Saturday Baby Silicone Bib in Ocean Blue for the perfect 4th of July snack time accessory.

The Saturday Baby Silicone Bib

The Saturday Baby Silicone Bib in Ocean


3. Get Crafty

Keep the kids busy and happy with a crafty 4th of July activity. These patriotic crafts are easy to make and use every day supplies you probably already have at home.

Straw Fireworks

Craft via Crafty Morning

The kids will love making their own firework masterpieces using only straws, paint, and paper. Then hang them up in a special place wherever a little extra 4th of July festiveness is needed.

 fireworks 4th of july craft for kids

Tin Can Windsocks

Craft via Verified Mom

How fun are these patriotic tin can windsocks? This easy DIY craft is a great 4th of July activity for kids and as an added bonus, you get a new piece of outdoor décor, too!

tin can windsocks - 4th of july crafts for kids

Pom Pom Flag Painting

Craft via Crafty Morning

Ditch the paintbrush and use pom poms to paint this American flag craft for the 4th of July. This fun and easy craft is great for kids of all ages.

pom pom flag painting - 4th of july crafts for kids

4. DIY Outdoor Games

Take advantage of the nice summer weather and head outside for some fun and games with your kids this Independence Day! These yard games have a patriotic twist to fit in with the rest of our 4th of July activities for kids. Get in the competitive spirit and have some outdoor fun with your family!

Balloon Game

Activity via Mess for Less

Don’t put away your red, white and blue paint just yet, this game has a crafty element as well! First, decorate a paper plate, and attach a popsicle stick to make the paddles for this balloon game. Then, blow up some red and blue balloons and you are ready to play. Play a game of balloon tennis together, or see who can keep their balloon up the longest!

 balloon game - 4th of july activities for kids

Ring Toss Game

Activity via HGTV

Everyone loves a ring toss game for some good old-fashioned family fun! Turn this carnival classic into a patriotic 4th of July activity for kids with this easy tutorial on how to make a ring-toss game using red, white and blue colors.

 diy ring toss - 4th of july activities for kids

Backyard Tic-Tac-Toe

Activity via Hey, Let’s Make Stuff!

This DIY game is the perfect addition to your line up of 4th of July activities for kids. Turn simple wooden letters into patriotic playing pieces uses any method you choose, and let the games begin!

 patriotic tic tac toe - 4th of july activities for kids

Hatched Tip: Stay Hydrated

While you’re outside enjoying your 4th of July activities, don’t forget to stay hydrated!

Bink Mama Bottle

Stay on track with the Bink Mama Bottle, the first-ever water tracking bottle specifically designed to support you through pregnancy and breastfeeding to meet your daily recommended water needs. 

Bink Mama Bottle - Cherry

Silicone Straw Cup

For your little one, we love The Saturday Baby Silicone Straw Cup, made out of 100% food grade silicone material. These handy cups are great for on the go and the special lid plug and straw means fewer spills so you can focus on your family celebration.

The Saturday Baby Silicone Straw Cup - Ocean
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