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Fun 4th of July Activities for Kids

Many of us celebrate the 4th of July with a day full of picnics, barbecues, parades, and of course, fireworks. While those are certainly festive ways to celebrate America’s Independence Day,...

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10 Easter Basket Ideas for Babies

With Easter fast approaching, you may be starting to think about putting together your baby’s first Easter basket. But coming up with Easter basket ideas for babies is not always...

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We're All About This DIY Neutral Wreath

We love this DIY neutral wreath for so many reasons.... It's so easy to make, looks fantastic all year long and can be made to work for any holiday!

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5 Holiday Hostess Gift Ideas Under $20

The holidays are on the horizon and so are all those holiday parties that you’ll be invited to. Here at Hatched, we thought providing you with some fun and inexpensive...

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