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Just Hatched: Cool Summer Styles for Kids

by Amanda Horner 07 Jun 2022 0 Comments

Stay cool this summer with trendy styles from Hatched Market. From classic summer vibes to tropical cool and beach bum styles, our carefully curated collections will keep your little ones on-trend, comfy, and oh-so-cool. We’ve got cool summer styles for kids, toddlers and babies, so you’ll be ready for all your summer adventures, no matter where they take you.

Classic Summer Vibes

Embrace the season with styles that give a classic summer vibe with a fun twist. From play dates and picnics to holidays and special occasions, this collection of summer styles will guarantee that your kids are the best dressed for every event.

Hello Summer Tee

Say Hello to Summer with this classic navy tee with fun summer day graphic. Pair with denim shorts and sneaks and you’re good to go! This tee is the perfect piece to kick off your summer and is a must-have cool summer style for kids.


hello summer tee - cool summer styles for kids


Flag Heart Fringe Tank and Denim Shorts Set

Looking for the perfect patriotic outfit for your little girl this summer? This white heart flag fringe tank and distressed denim shorts set is so on trend. She will look and stay cool whether hanging at a barbecue or watching fireworks.


flag fringe tank and denim shorts - cool summer styles for kids


Plaid Button Front Romper

Your little man will look so handsome in this adorable button front plaid romper this summer. The details on this outfit are everything, like the cute front pocket and easy-snap bottom closure. This style is easy, classy, fun and stylish – the perfect combination!


plaid button front romper - cool summer styles for kids


Ice Cream Tee

Your little one will scream for ice cream in this adorable short sleeve tee with major summer vibes. The gorgeous mauve color is accented by a cool ice cream cone print, perfect for a trip to the ice cream shop or any summer day.


ice cream cone tee - cool summer styles for kids


Tropical Cool

This summer, we are loving comfy and cool tropical styles. This trend is all about bright and colorful prints, like palm trees, parrots, and tropical flowers. Whether heading to the islands or the back yard, you’ll love these fun summer styles for kids.

Tropical Tanks

Make a statement with a tropical print tank this summer. The only question is, which one will you choose? You can’t go wrong with any of these bright and breezy styles from Joah Love and Munster.

Tropical Print Tank


tropical print tank


Kahuna Palm Tree Tank

palm tree tank

Polly the Parrot Tank


parrot tank


Shorts & Skorts

Another summer trend we love is a fun tropical print on shorts and skorts. The soft fabric, elastic waist, and cute details on these girly bottoms makes them irresistible. Pair with a cute and comfy graphic tee or your favorite white tank for effortlessly cool tropical style.

Horizon Shorts


horizon shorts - cool summer styles for kids


Tropical Print Skort


tropical print skort - cool summer styles for kids


Zuma Shorts


tropical zuma shorts - summer styles for kids


Sets & Dresses

Looking for a head-to-toe tropical look for your little one’s summer wardrobe? We love this tropical print set with coral leggings and palm tree midi length dress for your little fashionista. All the style with none of the fuss.

Tropic Print Set with Coral Leggings

tropic print set - summer style for girls

Beach Bum

We can’t talk about summer styles for kids and not include some fresh pieces for the beach! Dress your little beach bum in cute and comfy cover-ups, beachy graphics, and coastal colors this summer for a laid-back look.

Dolphin Romper

This little romper is the perfect beach outfit for your little one this summer. Short sleeves and legs will keep your babe cool in this soft, organic cotton one-piece style. The cute dolphin graphic at the back adds a fun beachy touch to this summer look.

dolphin romper

Cover Up Dress

This gorgeous dress is an adorable summer style for spending the day at the beach. It makes the perfect swimsuit cover-up, and also looks cute while strolling the boardwalk or grabbing a bite to eat. We love the pretty print and lightweight super-soft cotton to keep your beach babe cool and stylish.


cover-up dress for girls - summer style


Plaid Seaside Shorts

The coastal colors in these plaid shorts make them perfect for the beach and beyond this summer. With super-soft fabric and convenient pockets, these are sure to be a favorite for your little guy. Pair with a graphic tee for every day or a polo for a preppy look.

boys plaid seaside shorts - cool summer styles for kids

Raised by Mermaids Tank

This cool tank is made for your mermaid loving beach babe. The flowy, relaxed fit will keep her cool and the shark bit raw edge hem adds extra style. We love the beachy colors and whimsical mermaid graphic on this adorable tank. A great addition to your little one’s summer closet!


raised by mermaids tank


Sunset Waves Pullover

For those cool summer nights, we love this vintage inspired pullover with cool wave design. The soft and lightweight fabric is the perfect extra layer after a long day playing in the waves. This staple will be in rotation all summer long.


sunset waves pullover - cool summer styles for kids



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