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Vendor Spotlight: Goumikids

by Amanda Horner 28 Aug 2022 0 Comments

At Hatched Market, we’re all about sharing the love. As you know, we are proud to bring you carefully curated collections for baby and mama from small women owned businesses. We’d like to introduce you to some of the brands we offer so you can get to know them better and discover what makes them so special. Enjoy this spotlight on one of our favorite vendors, Goumikids!

All About Goumikids

It’s easy to love a brand like Goumikids! This mama-owned and designed business out of Portland, Oregon makes cozy, organic, and functional essentials for babies, toddlers, big kids, and even mamas!

Lili C. Yeo, Co-Founder & CEO, is both an entrepreneur and a mother of two daughters. The idea for Goumikids came about through Lili’s disappointment with the selection of baby clothing and accessories available on the market. She was tired of the same cheap, boring options. So, she set out to create a better line of baby clothes that is beautiful, thoughtful, and better for the planet.

Lili C. Yeo, Co-Founder & CEO, Goumikids, with her two daughters

Lili’s drive to launch and grow Goumikids is incredibly inspiring. Not only has she brought her vision for a line of better baby clothing to life, but she has also created a culture of empowerment at Goumikids, encouraging herself and her team to be great parents and good citizens first. For more insights and advice from Lili Ceo, be sure to catch her interview with Forbes on the challenges and rewards of being an entrepreneur and mother.

Goumikids is about being there for mamas, embracing the highs and lows and keeping it real through the imperfect journey of motherhood.

Goumikids Products

Now that you know how Goumikids came to be and what they stand for, let’s talk about their amazing products!

Goumikids has a distinct look and feel that we are obsessed with! Their organic cotton and bamboo essentials come in a neutral, nature-inspired color palette that is uniquely modern and beautiful. Calming glacier green, midnight blue, cloud white, rose pink, and gorgeous burnt sienna are a few shades you will find in the Goumikids Collection.

Goumikids Collection at Hatched Market

The real stand out is the iconic fabric used in Goumikids products. The unique blend of 70% viscose made from bamboo and 30% organic cotton is super-soft, breathable, and gentle on skin. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter, your favorite pieces can be worn throughout the seasons. Plus, it’s durable, machine washable, and made to last.

But wait, there’s more! Since Goumikids is designed for mamas, by mamas, there are many super smart and functional elements built into their pieces. From easy snaps for diapers changes, to built-in baby mitts that boost brain development, there are a lot of details to appreciate. Plus, you can feel good about supporting them thanks to their organic, eco-friendly, and sustainable mission.

Goumikids is all about cozy, organic, and functional essentials. The luxuriously soft fabric, beautiful and thoughtful design, and lasting quality is a winning combination. These are the perfect neutral pieces for all the babies and big kids in your life!

Our Favorite Goumikids Clothing and Accessories:

Stay-On Boots


Goumikids Stay-On Baby Boots, Sienna


Never lose another sock. A super-soft organic baby boot that is adjustable and stays on no matter what. Featuring our two-part adjustable closure system that remains secure on your baby's feet and grows with them. 6m+ has extra grip on soles for those first wobbly (and adorable) steps. 

Baby Mitts

Goumikids Stay-On Baby Mitts, Rose

Protect your baby from scratches and keep them warm with our super-soft, innovative organic baby mitt. Features our signature black and white pattern on the reverse side of mitt to boost brain development (0-6m) and our two-part closure system with adjustable fit as they grow. Our preemie mitt has been proven to significantly reduce accidental extubation in the NICU, protecting the most vulnerable.



Goumikids Sleep & Play Footie - Glacier


A thoughtfully designed, organic sleep and play footie pajama that is versatile, breathable, and SUPER soft. Features two-way zipper for easy diaper changes, a cute bum flap for a quick diaper check, and option for open toes when baby is mobile.


Goumikids Convertible Baby Gown, Midnight

The best organic sleeper for diaper changes, complete with built-in mitts, one-snap foot pocket, and SUPER soft, breathable fabric. Good for baby’s brain: integrated goumimitts with high contrast pattern on the reverse side stimulates infant brain and eye development converts with a flip. With our patent-pending bottom pocket, quickly change from gown to sleeper and makes diaper changes a snap.

Loungewear Set


Goumikids Loungewear Set, Summit

Never outgrow your goumi. Our newest organic loungewear separates for sizes up to 5T in our signature organic super-soft fabric. Features peekaboo heels, thumb holes, and a front pocket for their favorite stuffed lovey.

Visit the Goumikids Collection at Hatched Market to see more of what’s available from this amazing brand!

For more information about Goumikids and to shop other products from clothing to nursery essentials, visit

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