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Newborn Essentials: 10 Must-Have Baby Items from Hatched Market

by Amanda Horner 06 Jul 2022 0 Comments
Newborn essentials tend to vary from parent to parent. Of course, there are some basics that you just can’t live without. Think baby gear like bassinets, car seats and strollers, or must-haves like diapers, wipes and grooming supplies.

On our list of newborn essentials, you won’t find big-ticket baby gear items, but you will find stylish favorites that you will want to have on hand when your little one arrives. These Hatched-approved products are not only functional and high quality, but also effortlessly stylish to keep your little one on trend. We’ve got recommendations for must-have clothes and accessories from our carefully curated collections that are mama tested and approved.

Read on for our picks of 10 must-have newborn essentials.

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1. Knotted Gown

newborn essentials: knotted baby gown

Once you feel this super soft baby gown, you won’t want to put your newborn in anything else. The neutral fabric is soft and stretchy for ultimate comfort. You will love the thoughtful features like the tie bottom for easy nighttime diaper changes and shoulder tabs for easy dressing and changing. Built-in mitts keep your little one’s hands covered, and the included hat can also be used as a cute head wrap. With its adorable ease and comfort, it’s easy to see why this knotted baby gown is the first item on our newborn essentials list!

2. Muslin Swaddle Blankets

muslin swaddle blankets - newborn essentials

Lightweight muslin swaddle blankets by EliteBaby are soft, comfortable, and super cute. These newborn essentials come in a pack of three, and you’ll have a hard time choosing between the adorable prints! Use as a traditional baby swaddle by following our easy steps to nail the perfect swaddle. Or use as blanket for tummy time, a burp cloth, or a nursing cover. The possibilities are endless, which is why you’ll always want this must-have baby item within reach!

3. New Kid on the Block Onesie

New Kid on the Block onesie

Welcome your little one with this adorable cream-colored onesie. We love the modern look and super-soft fabric, but our favorite part is the fun screen-printed text: “new kid on the block". You can feel good about dressing your newborn in this hand-printed outfit made from 100% organic cotton with nickel-free snaps. It’s also environmentally friendly, naturally hypoallergenic, sustainably sourced and ethically produced. Does it get any better? We don’t think so!

4. Milestone Blanket

Milestone Blanket

During baby’s first year, there are so many milestones that you will want to capture. One popular way to capture baby milestones in photos is by using a milestone blanket, like this one by Pearhead. The adorable black and white blanket is made from 100% cotton muslin and comes with three props to track baby’s growth. Perfect for snapping photos each month to share with family and friends. Looking for more tips? Check out our post on how to Take Beautiful Baby Milestone Photos at Home.

5. Stay-On Baby Mitts 

stay-on baby mitts - newborn essentials

Baby mitts are often forgotten about when preparing for baby’s arrival. We’re here to tell you, baby mitts are essential. Not only do they keep your newborn’s hands warm in chilly weather, but they can also protect your baby’s delicate skin (and yours!) from their surprisingly sharp nails. These stay-on baby mitts by goumikids are made from a super-soft fabric of bamboo and organic cotton. We love the innovative two-part closure system to ensure they stay on and offer an adjustable fit as they grow.

6. Stay-On Baby Bootsstay-on baby boots - newborn essentials

While we’re talking about newborn essentials, we can’t forget about keeping baby’s feet warm, too! Goumikids does it again with their super-soft adjustable stay-on baby boots made from bamboo and organic cotton. Featuring a two-part closure system, these boots grow with baby and are guaranteed to stay on little feet. You’ll never lose another sock again!

7. I Love You Footie

I Love You Footie Pajamas

Whether you call them footie pajamas or sleep and plays, one-piece zip-up outfits are a must-have for your newborn’s wardrobe. Not only are they adorable, but they are also comfortable for your little one and give you easy access for quick diaper changes. We love the neutral cream and gray colors on this footie with pretty all-over script, which also looks great in photos. Share the love with soft organic cotton that is super gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin.

8. Silicone Pacifier Setsilicone pacifier set - chewable charm

Most experts suggest waiting to introduce a pacifier to your newborn until they are 3 to 4 weeks old. This helps make sure your little one has enough time to get used to nursing or feeding without disruption. When that time comes, make sure you are prepared by having some of these durable silicone pacifiers by Chewable Charm on hand. These colorful pacifiers feature a one-piece design that is made from 100% medical grade silicone.

9. Explorer Diaper Backpack

Explorer Diaper Backpack - newborn essentials

There’s no such thing as travelling lightly with a baby. That’s why this Explorer Diaper Backpack by KeaBabies made our newborn essentials list. Whether heading outdoors or running errands, this backpack is perfect for storing everything you need on-the-go. Thoughtfully designed with multiple easy-access pockets and compartments, you will always be organized and have everything easily within reach. It even comes with insulated pockets and a large diaper changing mat.

10. Convertible Baby Gown

convertible baby gown

We love baby products that serve more than one purpose, like this convertible newborn outfit. With one easy snap, this baby gown easily changes into a sleeper, perfect for those late-night diaper changes. Made from the softest bamboo and organic cotton, this outfit also features built in mitts to keep baby’s hands warm and prevent scratches. If you like this newborn look, be sure to check out the rest of our Goumikids collection, jam-packed with super-soft and versatile newborn essentials.

Do you have any newborn essentials you can’t live without? Share them with us in the comment section below!

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