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10 Maternity Photo Shoot Tips

by Jen Turner 03 Sep 2015 0 Comments

I can't believe we are gearing up for another maternity shoot! I was trying to remember what I did to prep for this shoot and thought others might be looking for some help, too. Here is a list of 10 Maternity Photo Shoot Tips that will help you get the photos you love.

1. Find Your Inspiration

Scour the internet, Pinterest, or friends' pictures for inspiration. What style are you drawn to? (Ex. beachy, rustic, modern, bohemian). This will help guide the "feel" of your shoot. For this shoot, I told Matt that I wanted whimsical, natural, bohemian with country undertones. It may sound obnoxious, but it helped him get ideas of where we would shoot. 

2. Choose Your Photographer

Once you know the feel and style you want, find a photographer that you trust that has a similar style. Look at their work; does it have the same vibe you want?

3. Schedule in Advance

We recommend being 28-32 weeks along for a maternity photo shoot. You'll be nice and round but without too much swelling (hopefully). Schedule in advance to ensure you get the date you want with your chosen photographer. 

Maternity Photo Shoot Tips

4. Choose Your Setting

Natural lighting is always best (in our opinion). Work with your photographer to source a location. If outdoors, bring a mirror and be sure that you know where the nearest restroom is. Go before you start! 

5. Include the Hubs

So much of this time is about you, so it's really nice to include your husband in this process. Talk to him about what style he likes, what locations he likes, what he'll wear, etc. Dave had no opinion other than he wanted to be out of a lot of the shots :)

6. Bring Your Family

Be sure to include your family. Obviously, kids and dogs are welcome. If you have relatives to help, even better! They can assist the photographer or help manage the kids and pets.

Outdoor maternity photo shoot

7. Have Poses in Mind

It can help to have a handful of poses in mind you really like. Share these with your photographer in advance, but keep in mind your best pictures may not come from these poses. They are more likely to come from organic shots that you never even thought about it.

8. Plan Your Outfits

Show off that belly! We recommend two outfits. A dress or skirt is always a good option, and then maybe a more casual look. I hate my arms when I am pregnant, so a long sleeve dress was a good option for me. Be sure that whatever you choose, you make it tight fitting! The belly is the star of the show - let it shine!

9. Be Confident

In addition to picking out an outfit you love, treat yourself to a blow out or manicure/pedicure. Feeling your best will come across on camera. This isn't the time to try a new stylist or new makeup. Stick to what you know and what makes you feel confident. 

Maternity Photo Shoot Tips

10.  Don’t be Critical

Love your body. You are creating life! Embrace it, enjoy it, and feel like the mother goddess you are! 

I hope these 10 maternity photo shoot tips help you to plan and enjoy this special time preparing for your little one's arrival!

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