Have you ever wanted to achieve the perfect beach wave without having to actually go to the beach?
Mishel and Marisa, Stylists from Salon Plum in Ladera Ranch, California are going to show us exactly hows it's done.

*NOTE-You can achieve this look with a curling iron, flat iron with round plates or a styling wand.
Step 1: Wash hair
Step 2: Apply your products. Add in a leave in conditioner and comb through the hair. We like Wonder Worker by Shu Uemura and can be purchased here: Next you will want to add in a styling product you typically use when blow drying your hair. A product we love that will make your hair shiny and will rebalance moisture levels in your hair is Essesnce Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil also by Shu Uemura which can be purchased here.

Step 3: Dry hair
Ensure your hair is 100% dry before moving on to step four.  Based on the texture of your hair you'll want to air dry for fine hair and blow dry with a round brush for course thicker hair.

Step 4: 
Section off the hair and begin to curl "away from the face". For a more casual, unfinished look, leave the ends of your hair out of the curling iron.  Continue to curl the hair in sections until you have curled all pieces of the hair

Step 5: 
To finish the look, add in a texture spray and scrunch into the hair to get that "just left the beach" look. We recommend, L'OREAL's Tecni Art Wild Stylers Beach Waves and can be found here.

Keep a look out for the next contribution from these talented Stylists.

Marisa Weidner and Mishel Kubelka  


August 17, 2015 — Kimmy Neuberger
Tags: Beauty

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