Bringing baby to the beach can seem more like a chore rather than, well, a day at the beach. Follow these top ten mommy tested tips to make your day stress free and so fun!

1. Sunscreen

Duh, but not all sunscreens are created equal. Some baby sunscreens that we have tried were thick as clay and went on unevenly. Therefore, we like the spray on ones best. For baby safety and for easy application, spray in your hands first then apply. This is an easy to find, tried and true one.

2. Baby Powder

Have you heard of this trick? It's a good one. Simply sprinkle baby powder on those sandy legs and feet and gently rub away the sand. So easy!

3. Big Beach Towel

We love this quick dry microfiber one. Gorgeous and gives baby more space to play.

Must Haves for Bringing Baby to the Beach: Big Beach Towel

4. Plenty of Ziplock bags

Use for snacks, dirty diapers, wet bathing suits, etc. 

5. Spray Bottle

Easy to find at the dollar section in Target. Use to spray off hands and face, before and after eating. Also, nice to have to cool down. Much easier than wipes at the beach - trust us!

6. Swim Diapers

A necessary evil for bringing baby to the beach. A regular diaper will balloon in the water pretty quickly and end up getting very heavy. Swim diapers come in all different sizes and styles, and you can even find reusable swim diapers.

7. Beach Tent

This is a necessity if you plan on being at the beach for longer periods of time. A great place for the kids (and parents) to nap and play. It's also a great landmark to easily find where you have set up camp. 

kids rash guard top
kids bathing suit

8. Rash Guard / Bathing Suit

By far our favorite necessity! We have a great selection of UPF 50+ bathing suits in the shop for boys and girls. Great for protecting their skin from sun damage and lessens your stress of constantly reapplying sunscreen. We absolutely love the ease and protection rash-guards for this reason.

9. Baby Pool and Toys

An inflatable pool is a great way to cool off the kiddos and get some fun, safe, playtime in.  Bring their bath toys and sand toys for older kids.

10. Sunhat

Not only adorable but necessary to protect those bald little heads. 

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August 17, 2015 — Jen Turner

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