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Hello dear Hatchlings, 

We hope you are all enjoying the spirit of the season.  There is something so beautifully and uniquely human about being able to celebrate this special time of year.  We are reminded, as parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, that this season really is to transcend into a childlike state.  It's as if the cookies in the oven, the wreaths on the street lights, the star on the tree have all been sprinkled with Christmas pixie dust and have become so much more than the sum of their parts. 

As parents, it's our job (and joy) to create an ambiance and a spirit that is memorable, intimate and unique.  We are so impressed with parents' ability to push aside their own agendas, pain or discomfort to make the holidays magical for their children.  It's the time of year we remember to teach our children about some of the most important gifts in life- the gift of giving, the gift of tradition, and most importantly, the gift of believing. 

We know there are so many families out there who are trying to do just that- and we want to help! With that said, we have teamed up once again with our pals at Freshly Picked to do A Christmas Story Giveaway. It is our hope to spread a little extra cheer to a family who could use it.  Along with some recognition, we are giving away a dress, headband and a pair of Freshly Picked Moccasins (winners choice). 

Give a family and a special little girl some holiday-pixie-magic-dust by nominating them (or yourself) to win this giveaway. Share a story of inspiration.  What makes this family (or family member) so special and why do they deserve to win? We know there are some remarkable stories out there and cannot wait to share them with our readers. 


Email us at info@hatchedbaby.com or Leave story in comment section below. 

Subject Line: A Christmas Story.

All entries must be submitted by Tues. the 16th. 

We will announce one winner on Wed. the 17th

You may nominate yourself, a child or another family.

Please note that the stories you are writing to us may be shared with our readers.


We wish you all a season filled with joy, family and magic.


Hatched Baby


  • I’d like to nominate the Jones family. Shelley Jones was my academic advisor in college and she and her husband recently welcomed their beautiful daughter, Morgan, into the world on December 1st. In a twisted turn of events, Morgan’s spleen ruptured right after birth and she was immediately flown from Ventura to the UCLA NICU where a team of doctors and surgeons were able to save her life. Every day, Shelley would post to Instagram and Facebook about Morgan and how she was doing and the outpouring of support from the Brooks Institute community was overwhelming. Thanks to a few miracles and all of the good karma points Shelley and Gavin have wracked up, every day their little fighter grows stronger and stronger. She’s gone from having tubes and wires poking in and out of her to eating on her own and even taking seconds sometimes! Shelley and Gavin understand that the road ahead will be bumpy because of the medical problems caused by Morgan’s rocky entrance into the world but they are prepared to face whatever curveballs are thrown at them with love and humility. The Jones family deserves to have an amazing and special first Christmas as a complete little family unit. They’ve endured so much yet are still so hopeful and excited to be parents to this truly inspiring little girl.

    Francesca G
  • I would like to nominate my friend Melisa Lopez. In April of last year, after a life threatening event, she made the decision for herself and her daughter that it was time to leave an extremely abusive marriage. No matter what the circumstances she always looked for the good in people. She is truly the most giving, loyal person I have ever known. She has a heart of gold. She has been both mom and dad since her daughter was born. Her daughter is 1 and a half and she is just the sweetest, smartest and happiest little girl you will ever meet. Even though she doesn’t say it, I know the holidays are tough this year. Aside from not receiving any financial support from her ex-husband, as a long-term substitute teacher she will not be receiving payment over Christmas Break. Her outlook on everything is always, “it will all work out for the best!” She is a constant reminder to me and everyone who meets her the true meaning of love, friendship and kindness. She continues to amaze me with her strength and faith. She is always willing to do for others, she truly goes above and beyond and this is why I am nominating her. She buys her daughter’s clothes from thrift stores or uses hand me downs and I think it would be so special for her if we could give her a little something to brighten up this holiday season! Aside from the struggles she has endured, she continues to be grateful for all the blessings she does have. She is a true testament of what this Holiday season is about! Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Melissa Roh

    Melissa Roh

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