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Baby Shower or Baptism Favors


We recently celebrated A's baptism. Because our brunch was at a restaurant, I wanted to give a favor that was a little more personal.  However, with family in town and with the launch of the store, time was of the essence.  I needed something quick and inexpensive.  I have to admit, it was nice taking a break from our boho style and doing something more pretty. 

I saw some white candles at Target for $1.49 and thought they were perfect. Must be the Anthro in me, but I think a good "tie on" makes everything special.  I dipped the rim in gold, added some some fabric, and a clever tie on and we were set!  These would also be great for a wedding shower, baby shower, wedding or birthday. Have fun playing with the fabric and saying on the tie ons! (I gave some suggested variations in Step #3)


Supplies: Candles, paint brush, plastic cup, gold leafing finish, fabric, scissors, luggage tags (or tags of your choice), matches, glue, any flower or greenery (I used lavender bc I have a ton of it). 




Step 1#

Dip the rim of the candle in gold leafing paint. I like Precious Metals in 18 Karat Gold.  You can get it here.   It helps to have a clear plastic cup to dip so you can see how far you are dipping. Let excess paint drip off. If you dipped too far, don't worry, just use paint brush to remove paint.  If there are bare spots, use the paint brush to dab some more paint on. Let Dry.  Tip: If there are any miscellaneous gold smudges or splatter on the candle, you can scrap off when it dries. 


Step# 2

Dip the tip of your match in the gold.  Dave laughed at me for this but it seriously way prettier than a green or red tip. Lean up to let dry. 



Step # 3

Make your tag.  You can use luggage tags like the ones pictured, or any paper tag you fancy. You can get the ones I used here.  I have terrible handwriting so I typed the phrase out on patterned paper, cut and glued to the tag. ***This was the most time consuming part.***  Save yourself the trouble and just write directly on the tag or the patterned paper.

Phrasing Ideas-

Baptism: "With the flicker of this flame, please say a prayer in Baby's name."

Wedding:  "Here's a candle for you to light in honor of this special night.  With the flicker of this flame, please say a prayer in the couple's name."

Baby Shower:  "Here's a candle for you to light, when the stork has made its flight.  With the flicker of its flame, please say a prayer in Baby's name. 

Finish the tag by gluing the match above your text.  The match adheres best when you use a super glue. One drop on each end will do it.  



Step #4

Cut the fabric of your choice into strips.  You can usually buy scrap pieces for around $1.50 at your fabric or craft store. I like the look of the frayed edges but it takes a little longer.  You can do this by locating the cross stitch and pulling until it unravels.  A needle will help you locate these cross stitches and will help you loosen them. 


Step #5

Put together.  Tie the fabric around the candle.  Slip the tag on and tie again.  Stick in some lavender, or whatever green your using.


Enjoy! xo



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