Polished Amber Teething Necklace in Cognac

Polished Amber Teething Necklace in Cognac

Hatched Baby

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The Amber teething necklace in cognac is handmade on the Baltic Coast in Lithuania.  Verified authentic by the Gemological Institute of America, it passes all 8 DIY amber authenticity tests. Double-knotted beads and an extra-secure screw clasp are for safety. Tip:  Leave on all day and wrap around ankles at night or during naps.

 These necklaces offer so much more than just an earthy, on-trend style.  They offer teething relief and succinct acid boosts immune system. They calm baby & reduces stress, are natural analgesics, ease muscle/growing pain, and reduce inflammation and serve as a powerful Anti-Oxidant.

Standard size- 12.5 inches.