Meet Sara from Sprouted Kitchen. She is as real as the food she crafts, a gifted writer and cook, married to an equally gifted photographer. Thanks to her adorable baby boy, Curran, she can now add "Mom" to the list of words that describe her. We were lucky enough to have Sara answers some questions for us about motherhood and of course, food. 

Baby Curran

How are you finding the balance as a new mom?

Oof. I don't think I've gotten there yet. I thought I'd have things more dialed in by four months but turns out I didn't get a particularly "easy baby". That's my fault for building the expectation that I could (proverbially) just slip Curran in my back pocket and carry on with life as usual. I am a lady who likes completing tasks, tidiness, keeping busy and he's a particular fellow who doesn't like going to sleep so a lot of my day is spent encouraging him to put it delicately ;) I am going down kicking, but I am realizing how much of my personal agenda is going to be compromised in order to honor the joy that is being a mom. The balance you mention has yet to be found, but I'm working towards it and each day seems a little better.

Both my husband and I work from home which makes it easier to care for our son, but harder to get work done. We've been trying to pass him back and forth when the other needs to work, and that work is now much more efficient since we know we have "windows" with Curran (read, less Pinterest and more emails). I've had to relinquish some of my desire to be productive, as this season will happen to be one where the house is a little dustier and meals are simpler. I walk with girlfriends with the stroller for exercise and to catch up or sneak out while he naps to make a Pilates class - I am so glad Hugh is around and our families are close so I can do that. Being physically active calms me down, so I find some way to get light exercise, with or without the baby along, for some sense of peace. We're not big television people, so I'm hoping to preserve my time with my husband by having the few hours after he goes to sleep for us to pay attention to each other or maybe go out on a date or two once my tiny sleep resister doesn't put up such a fight. 

 MCM: Sara from Sprouted Kitchen


How have your eating habits changed since becoming a mom?

I'm breastfeeding, so while I feel like eating well and packing in the vegetables and legumes, my babe's tum prefers otherwise. I am trying to keep things as non-gassy as possible, so I have to think twice about everything I am eating. I don't eat meat really, so I eat more fish than I did pre-baby to try and get adequate protein. I eat a lot of avocados, mayo-less tuna salad, eggs, berries, sweet potatoes, brown rice tortillas. There isn't a lot of variety in what I eat, I sort of throw things together. I also double up when I'm prepping food - once I get a window to cook, I make more than I need so I have things ready in the fridge (i.e., a big tray of roasted vegetables, extra quinoa to put in a Tupperware, a big bowl of cut fruit). Having things ready has been key...and I eat a lot of almond butter toast. A LOT of toast :)

healthy eating habits


What is fall to you? 

Fall, to me, ushers in a bit of quiet and calm. We have bustling summers because it is the busy season for my husband's business and we're trying to be outside, go to the beach, take a trip etc. It is less fruit and grilling and more squash and baked goods. Around here, it is my favorite weather because you can still enjoy dinner outside and go for walks in shorts, but you aren't sticking to your sheets from a balmy night. I like to wear a jacket but still pull off a beach picnic in early October - that makes the cost of living in southern California worth it to me :)

fall recipes


What are your favorite fall recipes?

I am a pomegranate crazy lady - they are gorgeous, tart, crunchy, good for you. I LOVE them. So, I really like this coconut quinoa and spinach salad.

These kale and slivered brussels sprout soba noodles are probably one of Hugh's favorites.

And this gluten free Lemon Loaf is probably what I have made most repeatedly from the site.

MCM: Sara - Sprouted Kitchen

Fill in the blank: Motherhood is _______________.

Motherhood is the greatest accomplishment, joy and challenge I've known.

We fell in love with their cookbook back in 2011 and cannot wait to get our hands on their second book (slated for 2015). Best of luck to this lovely lady, amazing mama and incredible cook!


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