I should start by saying that at this time we do not carry Freshly Picked Moccasins, but we are hoping to in the future. In effort to provide you with the best products and latest trends, we have decided to review these shoes anyway.

If you haven’t heard of Freshly Picked - it is quite a phenomenon and it’s easy to understand why. Susan Peterson (owner) spent an entire summer banging the glass out of windows in order to recycle the aluminum frames. This received $200 dollars and used that sweat equity to start her business. How's that for a startup story? Total mom crush. She and her company represent everything good about small business. She has gained a huge social media following and her recent showing on Shark Tank has led her to even further success. From the adorable muslin bags that house the moccasins, to the printable size chart that ensures the perfect fit, thought has gone into every detail. 

Okay, about the shoes. First, let’s discuss quality. They are made of 100% genuine leather. The leather is a soft buttery leather that is extremely flexible for little feet and very easy to clean. The suede options are beautiful but a little bit more difficult to clean and quicker to wear. The moccasins feature an elastic band that allow for the shoes stay on snugly around the angle. The elastic band is surprisingly strong enough to withstand countless times of being stretched out to slip on those little feet. Because of the shape of the shoe and the soft leather, they are perfect for infants. I don’t think Avery ever knows when they are on her feet. They are also functional enough for toddlers as the soft sole allows those little feet to stretch which in turn helps them learn balance. Oh, and they have never fallen off.   

Let’s talk color. I have been asked several times which ones I recommend. Freshly Picked is continuously updating their assortment to include fun varieties like camo and neon. However, if you are a first timer, I would recommend you go with a pair that can be a staple piece and compliment your child’s wardrobe. Go crazy with color on your second pair, your third pair, your fourth pair…

Here are my suggestions:

freshly picked moccasins - Weathered Brown

Boys: Weathered Brown

These go with absolutely anything, anytime of year and already look weathered so you won't be worried about the countless trips around the playground.

freshly picked moccasins - platinum

Girls: Platinum

Any metallic really. Metallic tones are so versatile for dressing up or down. These add a little bit of style to her everyday outfits, but they are pretty enough to wear with dresses for more formal occasions. 

We have really only come across one common complaint about Freshly Picked moccasins, that you cannot tell which shoe is the left or the right. It's true. It probably took about a week of Avery wearing them to see the distinguished Right shoe and Left shoe. The leather is so malleable though that they eventually form to your child's feet and take shape. I understand this can be frustrating when you're in a hurry, trying to get the traveling circus on the road and you can't figure out which shoe goes on which foot. It won't last long though and they're cute enough to make you a couple minutes late. 

To celebrate the launch of our website, we have teamed up with Freshly Picked for a fun giveaway.

Also, look for Freshly Picked moccasins in our upcoming Summer and Fall look books. 

May 31, 2014 — Jen Turner
Tags: trends

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