First and foremost, thank you for being part of our community and for taking the time to explore our site. It is our hope that Hatched Market serves as more than a place of commerce but a source of inspiration, connection, and creativity.

The Hatched story is a story of rebirth (fitting). About two years ago, I started a business that failed miserably. To be quite honest, I don't think my heart was really in it. It wasn't until the pandemic and fibroid diagnosis that I really started to refocus and reconsider what I really cared about. 

Fibroids are particularly common in Black women of childbearing age. They come with a level of pain that for some can be unbearable. They can even affect your ability to have children. With that news, I thought, maybe if I have problems having a baby when my fiancé and I decide to, I'll at least have another baby to give all my love. 

Thus, I took my savings, and I invested in Hatched Market. There's something about the path and process of motherhood that is just so beautiful to me. Especially, the love that mothers pour into their families and their babies. Baby joy is a different level of beauty. It is something to truly cherish, especially when you know that when they get a little bit older, that joy won't be seen as precious anymore, it won't be beautiful.

The picture you see above is of my little sister, Tati. She was born 3 months premature, and it was very tough and go in the beginning. Today, she's 16. She has been through so so much, and still has this joy that is just so infectious. It is her bravery that inspires me and motivates me to work harder and be better. I know she's watching, so she is who I do this for.  

When I decided to commit to this business idea, it became my therapy, my outlet, my focus. It gave me something bigger than my 9-5. Some people find this in yoga, in surfing, or in wine. I found it in Hatched. Ok, Hatched and wine.  I needed to channel all these mixed emotions into something productive and creative, and thus, I have poured my heart into every aspect of this business. Dreaming and working on this has allowed me to stretch a creative muscle that I hadn’t used in years. It felt good great. With every hour I've spent working on this site, I've grown closer to knowing, accepting, and loving my life and myself.  I am so excited to give you this baby of mine, to make parenting a little easier for you, and to help you every step of the way. I hope this serves as a community to meet other moms like you or soon to be moms like myself, so that you know you're supported and appreciated so deeply. 

Special thanks to:

Marlon - For being my biggest fan and my secret weapon. 

My mother - For being my sounding board and giving me tips and tricks to make this successful so that all moms have a place for community. 



August 01, 2021 — Kirstin Lawrence
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