Thank you all for participating in our Christmas Story Giveaway! Your stories were so inspiring, and we have shed many tears reading each one. We have now responded to all the nominations and as you can imagine, this was not an easy decision. Congratulations to Eleanor Colon and a special thank you for allowing us to share your story! Read her story below and yes, fall in love with this sweet little angel, Juliet. Such a fighter!  

Christmas Story Winner

"We've had quite the year; we became pregnant with our first in February and have been on a significant journey.  After some bumps in the beginning of our pregnancy, our daughter Juliet was diagnosed with a rare congenital heart defect.  We spent the majority of our pregnancy planning her delivery and feeling absolutely blessed that she would be able to come into our lives, and that we could prepare and have a plan for her.  By no means was it easy, it was emotionally taxing, and trying, and discouraging along the way.  We went through the process of grieving the pregnancy we thought we would have and preparing ourselves for what was to come.  Juliet's CHD is transposition of the great arteries, it impacts under 2K children a year and required her to have open heart surgery shortly after birth with an arterial switch operation.  Juliet was born on November 7th and spent nearly 3 weeks in the hospital.  She's strong, beautiful and such an inspiration.  Her surgery was successful and though she did have some setbacks that elongated her hospital stay.  We brought her home the day before Thanksgiving and our beyond elated to get to spend the holidays with her in our home.  She has taught us how to live our lives day by day and be joyful for everything we have.  She is truly a miracle, and while her hospital stay wasn't easy, and the road ahead will still be challenging, we are so grateful to have her home with us and feel truly blessed.  It will be absolutely magical." - Eleanor


You can read more about CHDs here.  Thank you all for giving us a deeper meaning of Christmas.

We love you,

December 25, 2014 — Jen Turner
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