Vendor Love: Rock your Baby

We’re so excited to be carrying one of our favorite lines ever – Rock Your Baby – on! The line is super-fun, playful, and made from some of the most high-quality fabrics on the market.

We had the chance to chat with Rock Your Baby’s e-commerce manager Jessie Bourke, about everything from the story behind the brand to the challenges they’ve faced along the way.

Tell us a little about the story behind the brand. 
RYB has been a shining star in the kid’s fashion firmament since 2004.  The brand is defined by a fun, edgy pop aesthetic that draws on the style and energy of rock and roll and the iconic imagery of our time. Our clothes are designed in Australia by two mums who know both the trials and pleasures of parenthood. There was a massive gap in the market for kids clothes that oozed the personality that our kids rock every single day, so we thread nostalgia through a sewing machine and Rock Your Baby was born! 

What was the launch process like? 
We were very naïve about the industry when we started. We launched out of season and cold called stores offering them a range of baby tees and bodysuits which we had already manufactured. We got a lot of knock backs but we also had some key successes with well-known stores in Australia that helped get the brand off to a running start.

Who is the Rock Your Baby kid? 

Well, for starters, the Rock Your Baby Kid has very awesome Parents! They are full of energy with bold personalities and their individuality is as evident as their taste in fashion! They are the kids who aren’t afraid to stand out while they rock out!  

Who is the Rock Your Baby parent? 
The Rock Your Baby Parent is just like us - they have a nostalgic love for the iconic culture that RYB intertwines into every design. They also have kids who are packed full of imagination and wonder.

You've recently branched out Rock your Kid and Rock your Crib. What's next? 
We have some really incredible opportunities in the mix and it’s a really exciting time to be a RYB Fan. We have some old goals we want to keep smashing and some new goals that will push our limits with what we anticipate will be some killer designs coming your way! We will be expanding our domestic and international presence in the industry and have some awesome plans for the future of RYB. While we can’t give too much away, it’s safe to say you will want to keep up-to-date with what we have in store for our RYB fans!

What are your most popular items? 

Throughout each collection, we have managed to create and maintain a certain ‘collectors’ quality with our exclusive Vintage Prints and Circus Dresses. We bring out a new print each season in our iconic Dress and Romper shapes, and it has been a pleasure to watch these become household favorites! 

Tell us a little about your company culture. 
At Rock Your Baby, we like to maintain a culture similar to the one we draw our inspiration from everyday. We immerse ourselves in the music, the fun, the creativity, and quirkiness of the rock and vintage era that the brand itself is built upon. By doing this not only do we create an amazing environment to work and be creative in, but we also ensure that the DNA of our work is completely authentic. 

Proudest moment so far? 
We have had many “proud” moments along our journey, but nothing beats seeing and reading the excitement on social media that happens every season when we launch a new range. We still get a big kick out of seeing our clothes on kids in the street. We also love being a part of family celebrations - babies wear our clothes at their first birthday parties, our tutus are worn by bridesmaids and flower girls, and our dresses are worn for family photo shoots and other huge milestones. It’s a huge honor to become part of cherished family memories!

What are some challenges you've faced as a brand? 
We face challenges every single day that are fueled by our huge ambitions and dedication to delivering new and exciting collections, but our biggest challenge is almost our most boring challenge – logistics. Working out how to get the product to our retailers in a more efficient manner and finding innovative ways to improve the RYB experience will always be one of our biggest struggles.

Where do you see Rock Your Baby in 5 years? 
In 5 years’ time, we are looking to have our own retail stores in Australia. It would be amazing to create stores that emulate our vision and brand identity.

Ready to shop? We thought so! Click here to shop our best-selling pieces from Rock Your Baby and stay tuned for next month's Vendor Love feature!

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