Vendor Love: Mini & Maximus

Whimsical, fun, and ultra-creative, Mini and Maximus has been on our radar for some time now. We’re not only obsessed with their on-trend collections, but their eco-friendly styles are super-soft and comfy too. We had the chance to chat with PJ Wilson, owner and creative genius behind the brand about everything from how the brand started to what inspires each collection.

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How did Mini & Maximus come about?
We started Mini & Maximus out of a love for fashion, kids, and creativity. Our backgrounds are in design, marketing and advertising, so we wanted to combine our skills and do something we were passionate about.

Your pieces are whimsical, cool, and super-fun. What prompted you to be different than other baby brands out there?
Thank you! Even though we are a kids clothing company, we design and create products based on what we are into as creatives. We love all things modern, and appreciate art, the surf/skate culture, and some street stuff as well. Most importantly, we are obsessed with kids and are absolutely inspired by anything they create (which is why we love having them participate in our collections!).

You create your own designs, but also collaborate with cool artists. How do you pick these artists out?
A lot of the artists we work with are personal friends that happen to create art or designs that fit our vibe. Lately, we've been discovering super talented creatives on Instagram and also through submissions on our website.

What inspires your designs?
Good question! We definitely get inspiration from brands we love, books, the web, traveling, and personal taste. With that said, I think at the end of the day, it really comes down to loving the idea of making kids feel good about what they are wearing. We aim to create fun.

How do you get inspired?
Kids inspire us. We love how they say whatever they feel, we love how big their imaginations are, and we love that they don't always color inside the lines. Kids look at life in a way that most of us don't.

How do you stay eco-friendly?
It's not easy and it's not cheap but it's important to us. We definitely believe in being Eco-Friendly in all aspects of life and we do as much as we possibly can to stand by this statement. We feel it's the right thing to do and it also sends a positive message to the little ones who look up to our brand.

Can you tell us a little about your company culture?
We’re all about creativity! We love having kids and parents hang out in the warehouse, color on the walls and the furniture, and of course, be weird and have fun. There are no serious people allowed at MIMA.

Who is the Mini & Maximus kid?
We hope that every kid is a Mini & Maximus kid. The only requirement for this role is to be yourself and to never grow up!

Who is the Mini & Maximus parent?
Any parent that loves & respects their kids, appreciates creativity, and has an eye for good fashion.

What's next for the brand?
We are planning to do a lot of creative expression and collaboration with our customers in the future including video, experiential design, art contests, and educational activities. We are very excited about what we've got in the works, so stay tuned!

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