For this week’s Mom Crush Monday, we chatted with Maritza Bernard of Milkshop. A personal shopping and wardrobe styling agency, Milkshop helps women everywhere create their own style regardless of their weight, age, or income. Read on to learn more about how Maritza stays inspired while also balancing mommyhood.

Can you tell us a little about Milkshop?
Milkshop is a personal shopping and wardrobe styling company that specializes in closet detoxes. Our goal is to help our clients look and feel fantastic in what they are wearing.

How did it launch?
Milkshop launched in August 2012 when I was asked by an acquaintance if I would do some personal shopping for her. I had such a great time doing it and loved the fact that I was able to run my household and do all my mom stuff at the same time. It was then that I decided to make it a full time job.

What inspires you?
Whether it’s people, colors, fabrics, etc, I constantly find inspiration around me. I don’t consider myself trendy, and try to really listen to what my clients needs are before I determine the “look” or “style” that will work for their everyday life.

What are some hardships you've faced so far?
Trying to juggle it all without getting stressed out! Also, learning how to market myself has been hard. I’m terrible at it and know I need to invest in help.

How do you balance being a mom and owning your own business?
It’s definitely a struggle. When my kids and hubby are happy, I go to bed feeling like I’ve got my shit together. Then, there are days when absolutely nothing gets done. It can go from one extreme to the other, which can be hard. With that said, I find I am most successful when I wake up before my kids, take a moment to pray and write everything down that I need or want to accomplish and go. Having that moment to myself is key and seeing my to-do list on paper helps me to not get overwhelmed. Plus, I love to check things off the list – it makes me feel fantastic.

Proudest moment so far?
Relocating from New York to California and being able to grow my business. My clients are amazing and their referrals help me continue to do what I love.

What's your favorite part about owning your own business?
My favorite part is being able to make my own schedule. I love that I can volunteer in my kids classes and then head off to detox a clients closet. It’s important for me to still be there as much as I can for my kids and husband.

Any advice for other moms wanting to start their own biz?
My advice is just to START. The hardest part of starting your own business is the fear that holds you back. It’s important to get out there and talk to other moms who are doing something you want to be doing – you’ll be amazed by the kindness and support you’ll encounter. Don’t compare yourself to others, it’s your own journey so do it your way!

February 22, 2016 — Staci Pearlman
Tags: Mom Crush

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