We are thrilled to be featuring one of our favorite brands as our Vendor of the Month! With fun graphics and outstanding quality, Chaser continues to impress.

We asked Megan Baca, the VP of Design and Merchandising a few questions about the brand, heres what she had to say.

What inspired the launch into the Kids retail world? 
We have had a kids line for a while, but it was not until I had a baby girl that I really began to focus on pushing Chaser Kids to the next level!

Tell us a little about the idea behind your brand. 
Raised on Rock and Roll, Chaser is a contemporary clothing line, dedicated to the evolution of style. The kids style are cool, hip and unique.

Did you always work in fashion? What did you do for work prior to Chaser?
I have been in the fashion industry for a long time now. It is truly my home and passion.  I started at Trina Turk as an intern, then became an assistant designer at Three Dots, was then a Designer at Sanctuary Clothing, Head Designer at LA Made and Creative Design Director at Michael Stars before becoming VP of Design and Merchandising at Chaser.

How do you get inspired?
I listen to great music, see interesting films, travel the world and enjoy art of all kinds, from all of these sources the inspiration just flows.

Who is your customer? 
We have a very loyal customer.  We are overwhelmed by the love we have experienced from the hip, the cool, and the stylish.  We love our following, we are kindred spirits, and happy to share our vision with them!

What's the biggest struggle you've faced thus far in your career?
It has been hard balancing home life and a demanding career, once having a baby.  But the rewards of pushing forward everyday are immense, it means a lot to me to set a good example for my daughter, to show her that she can accomplish anything she wants if she puts in the hard work and dedication.

Your proudest moment? 
We have been very fortunate to be able to open our first Chaser Store.  It is on Robertson Blvd in Los Angeles. Having had the opportunity to make our vision into a reality has been the proudest moment in my career.

As far as my proudest moments in my life, I would include marrying my husband and giving birth to my daughter Maisie.

Who inspires you every day? 
My husband does, he always sees the positive side of things and reminds me to enjoy life.  Seeing the world through his eyes inspires me everyday.

What's next for the brand? 
We just opened the Chaser store, so we are focused on that and building that into a successful business, if that goes well, more stores may be on the horizon.

Any upcoming trends you see popping up? 
I am currently designing Summer 2016 and am excited about bright colors and vibrant, playful prints.

It's always an exciting day when we see a Chaser shipment arrive at our door! We are stoked to carry this fun fresh brand!


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