Here's what you'll need:
Thick piece of paper cut into a 6"x6" square
Pipe cleaner (cut in half)
Craft glue
Three hole punch

1. Fold paper diagonally up to the corner and repeat on the opposite side
2. Cut along the creased lines you made when folding. Don't cut all the way down, leave approx 1"
3. Using the three hole punch, make a hole in the center of the paper
4. Put a small amount of Craft glue around the hole

5. Bring every other corner of the paper to the center and hold in the glue for approximately one minute, (ensure to not cover the hole with the corners). Let dry for an additional minute or so

6. Take the Pipe cleaner and wrap it around the pencil two times and remove
7. With the straight end of the Pipe cleaner, put it through the center of the Pin Wheel and pull until the part you wrapped around the pencil is secured in the center
8. With the remaining piece of Pipe cleaner, wrap it around the top of the pencil

Now you are ready to try it out, have fun!

September 14, 2015 — Kimmy Neuberger
Tags: DIY

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