Hello Hatchlings!

With Thanksgiving almost a week away, we want to give you some cute and festive outfit ideas for your little one! We’ve included a few of our favorite pieces and hope that you find some that you love as well! Enjoy!


Frankie and Sue, Chambray Dress, $64 ; Hansel From Basel, Yachtsy Legging, $20


Frankie and Sue, Mara Dress, $62, Tie Dye Headwrap, $18 


Frankie and Sue, Anokie Dress, $60,  Hansel from Basel, Cone Leggings, $20.


Egg, Corduroy Blazer, $88; Egg, Plaid Button Down, $44, Egg, Twill Pant, $48.


Egg, Roll Sleeve Flannel, $48; Go Gently Baby, Button Flap Trousers, $50

xoxo, HB

November 17, 2014 — Jen Turner
Tags: trends

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