Tiny Whales

We are highly selective in the brands we carry and take pride in every vendor we bring on. We believe in the people behind the brand, the stories that have inspired their designs.  We believe in understanding their philosophies, how and why they got started.  We feel that these companies are so much more than a label and we're excited for you to get to know them.

Well, when it comes to this company- you probably already know them :)  They have quickly become our top seller and you have been asking for more Tiny Whales!   

Owners, Brittany and Shaun shared some insight into this imaginative brand. 

Penelope 3 years old and Harper 19 months

One Husband and two kids are enough pets for me ;-) 

Everyday begins with:
Nursing Harper, Cuddles with our little girls, Coffee and Instagram in that exact order. 

Every night ends with:
Nights almost always end in the office (Tiny Whales HQ). We've always worked best at night. Some of our greatest work has happened between midnight and 3am, it's when the creative juices are flowing.    

We were first introduced to Tiny Whales through Instagram (Seems like the Brittany's morning ritual is working).  We were immediately drawn to the fun, edgy and playful designs. Our Hatched customers were immediately drawn to them as well and it's easy to see why.  The designs are so unique, the price point is perfect and the quality is great. What makes this fun brand even more fun, is the great story behind it...

In the early 2000's Shaun was running his families print shop and I (Brittany) had been working as a stylist assistant for over 4 years. We had just celebrated the birth of our first Nephew and were scouring the children's wear market for hip apparel to spoil the new little guy with. We became really disappointing with the lack of options available, especial for boys! Naturally we decided to come up with a few graphics, and print them ourselves for the little guy. The custom gift went over so well and we enjoyed designing for him so much that we got to thinking, maybe we could take this somewhere. We had already been flirting with the idea of starting something up but had only focused on adult apparel since we didn't have any kids in our life, until then. We designed a small collection of about 7 different graphics in a few color ways and took it to our first indie craft fair. It was so well received that we kept pushing it, starting up an etsy shop and continuing to gain local exposure by vending every possible event in Los Angeles and Orange County. After only a few months, the wholesale inquiries began to roll in followed by the recession of 2008! It was a rough start for our small business and the world for that matter. We had become so passionate about Tiny Whales that whether we made money or not in those first few years didn't really matter to us, we just loved the creative outlet that it was for us and we loved our customers.

Flash forward to the present, we're at the close of our 6th year and with every season our business continues to expand and grow. Thanks to the support of our loyal and ever growing fan base that sees the value in supporting Small, Local, Family business. When people buy Tiny Whales they're enabling two parents with two small children to work from home, pay their bills and send their three year old to ballet class. As well as allowing us to support other small, local companies that produce our Tee Shirts, Head Wear and Leg Wear. In return we give back when we can through collaborations with charities and employing small, independent artists through our "Tiny Whales Tee Shirt of the Month Club."  We're excited about what the future holds for the brand as we continue to expand and develop our company.

Company Aesthetic
Modern, Playful, Humorous  

What are your favorite current trends? 
Our AW '14 collection is called "The Dreamers Collection" and its all about soft muted colors and dreamy graphics. Were consistently influenced by trends with in the adult fashion world. This time we drew our inspiration form street wear but we always throw in our usual playful and imaginative humor as well as some really great positive phrase tees, which are so on trend right now.  

What is the one must have for boys?
We love our positive phrase tees like "Dreamer" and "The Future Looks Bright". These shirts set a great positive tone for our little ones to live and learn by. It's always in style to be positive and kind, and never too early to teach them how.

What is the one must-have for girls?
One of our most anticipated designs of AW '14 is our "Donut Worry, Be Happy" tee. Available on our Hi Lo cut tee, it offers a very sweet, feminine shape. It's easily paired with leggings and great for layering as temperatures begin to change.  

We are thrilled to be partnering with this amazing brand, amazing parents and people.  We look forward to bringing you the best of Tiny Whales for many many seasons to come!

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