Summer is almost in full swing and we want you to be in the know on the latest trends for your babes.  Here are the five trends we are loving for Summer…


1. Graphic tees

We love this trend!  It's so easy and casual.  No fuss, perfect for boys and girls. Looks good with just about anything on the bottom.  Some brands that we love are Prefresh, Chaser and Kira Kids.    



2. Harem Pants

If you're not sold yet, trust us- they'll grow on you.  They are so comfortable and add instant style to any outfit.  We love the Cleobella ones showed here or any from Brown Sugar Beach

3. Rompers

What could be more perfect for summer?  Way more stylish than a onesie, they are an instant outfit.  The ones from Milk and Honey are great for dressing up or down because the material is so nice.  Snaps on the bottom.  Thank you.



4. Animal Print

We're sure you've seen by now as the animal prints are hard to miss.  We cannot get enough!  Nobody does it better than Mini Rodini.  This one is a twofer of trend #3 and #4 so of course we're in love.



5. Print Mixing 

Kids do it best.  Show your imagination and fashion forwardness with print mixing.  Combine trends #1 and #2 for the ultimate trifecta of style.  


June 18, 2014 — Jen Turner
Tags: trends

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