A Labor of Love

First and foremost, thank you for being part of our community and for taking the time to explore our site. It is our hope that Hatched serves as more than a place of commerce but a source of inspiration, connection, and creativity.

The Hatched story is a story of rebirth (fitting). After our daughter was born, we had to make the impossible decision that so many of us have to make today- do I return to work?  It’s a trick question with painful realities awaiting each answer. We decided that the lesser of the two evils for our situation would be for me to take a few months off and then find a new job closer to home. 

This meant leaving a company that I loved, that I grew up with. A company that for the better part of a decade gave me a paycheck but along with it, a sense of importance, identity, and self-worth.

I always knew motherhood would be beautiful, and it is. I also always knew it would be difficult, and it is. I knew about the sleepless nights, the luxury of taking a shower in peace, or never finishing a meal. I heard the poopy horror stories from my friends, and I was prepared. That was the easy part for me.  What I wasn’t prepared for was the loss of identity that I would face after she was born.

The first few weeks and months were a milky haze. My love for our daughter was overwhelming. I had never felt such joy being around another human nor been so impressed with the human body.   I had never wanted to be so good at anything in my life. I wanted to memorize every moment I had with her.  I had cried, begged, pleaded, prayed, and bargained with God to grant me the gift of motherhood. It happened.  We had a family. My life was complete. But the truth? I felt terribly isolated and insignificant.  The guilt I felt was crippling when I recognized that I needed more than motherhood to feel fulfilled. I found it in Hatched.  

When we decided to commit to this business idea, it became my therapy, my outlet, my salvation. Some parents find this in yoga, in surfing, or in wine. I found it in Hatched. Ok, Hatched and wine.  I needed to channel all these mixed emotions into something productive and creative, and thus, I have poured my heart into every aspect of this business. I would let my mind wander about the endless possibilities and it served as a welcome escape during the middle of the night feeds. Dreaming and working on this allowed me to stretch creative muscle that I hadn’t used in months. It felt good great.  With every hour I spent working on this site, I grew closer to knowing, accepting, and loving my new life and my new self.  She is more humble, more loving, more sympathetic, and more in need of a mani-pedi than she’s ever been. I am coming out of the fog now, excited to give birth to this business and excited to discover more about my new role(s) in life.  I now hope this labor of love is one that can be enjoyed by many.      

Special thanks to:

Dave - For being my biggest fan and my secret weapon. 

Linda Russom- For going beyond expectation and for speaking the same creative language.

Dayna Mance and Laura Wiertzema - For throwing your support behind this idea before it was anything.



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